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Tuesday, June 16, 2009 |


My father turns 64 today. Not only is he a really cool (and OLD) dude, but 64 is also my favorite number (eight squared, baby!). And he is the best dad ever. Want to contest that? I’ll fight you. He does look kind of goofy in this photo, though. It's the beard-hat combo. Trust me, he doesn't go around looking like this all the time. Or if he does, at least I live on the other side of the country...


My last post broke all of the INTERN’s rules. It was long, it was boring, and it was all about me and my woes (hmm...maybe not boring, per se...). According to the hilarious and slightly witchy (trying to keep it PG here, but you get the idea) commentary on my new favorite blog, my entry would not cut it in the publishing world. The INTERN is the un-paid help at a publishing house/firm, and she blogs about the vagaries of life in the big city as the proverbial lowest person on the totem pole, as well as offering advice on how NOT to get published. By association (law of opposites), there are also hints on how to make it and organize a book contract. But if you browse a bit, you will learn that this is not all it’s cracked up to be, and keeping your sanity is more important than being published. In sum, the INTERN is hilarious, sardonic and gosh darn interesting. I recommend her blog for laughs, as a tongue in cheek cautionary tale, and as a source for ‘insider knowledge’ on the publishing world.


I watched the movie Nim’s Island last night. It was an infamous Netflix pick, and had (predictably) been sitting by the TV for almost two weeks before I got around to watching it. Overall it offered cute, adventurous, harebrained fun. Though marketed for children, parts of the film will resonate with adult audiences. In my case, I definitely connected with Jodie Foster’s character: an agoraphobic writer who has definite OCD tendencies. Her fear of adventure and life spent in front of a computer screen clash with her written words, which conjure up a daring hero who always saves the day. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the audacious explorer is played by Gerard Butler, an extremely talented, good-looking, Irish-accent-wielding actor. Nim, the titular character, is played by Abigail Breslin, who always seems to manage genuine and adorable portrayals of ‘real’ kids. So it was good, clean fun, though a little heavy on the cute, and light on real drama. I give it a B.

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Ginny Larsen said...

i totally agree with the "DAD" section. he is the best. and i will fight them too if they don't agree...

i started watching nim's island in a walmart once while i was waiting for photos... i didn't finish it.

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