only milo cover inspires card crafting

Saturday, October 10, 2009 |
I’ve mentioned this a time or too, but my sister has a crafting blog. She makes cool cards. When I saw the cover of Only Milo, I immediately considered the paper possibilities, and asked her to craft a card (or two) inspired by the cover artwork. You see the results below.

This is the real cover. Murdered post-it man.

From what I understand, the crazy fellow on the right is a murderous Milo?

This is the inside of the above card.

This one is my favorite. The post-it look is preserved, and it's bright!

For an extra entry in the Only Milo giveaway, tell me which card is your favorite. Happy Saturday!


vvb32 reads said...

no need to enter me in the contest. but wanted to say the papeclips add a nice touch. i like the 2nd one. the pom poms got me. ;-D

Unknown said...

I love all the cards! Your friend is waaaay creative - I love the "Milo didn't get the 'memo'" one! Hilarious! :)

Andrea said...

I like the last card. That is so cute and clever.

Ginny Larsen said...

ha! i like 'em both. but pom-poms rock, and that crazy stamp is a goodie.

She said...

I like the second one. The little doodads are pretty righteous and I like the whole thing about the bodies. Not being creepy or anything.

fredamans said...

I like the green one, "Milo didn't get the memo." Very cute!

Nicole said...

Love these cards! The last one is my favorite too!

Thanks for this, it's fantastic. (Don't enter me in the giveaway though. ;)

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