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Welcome to the Adventures of Cecelia Bedelia

Oh hey. I'm Cecelia, and I have a reading problem (or is it a problem if it brings you positive things?). I love to bake for friends and relatives, and I'm slowly letting books, kitchen implements and hockey take over my life. I teach by day, and book blog on nights and weekends. I like to make people laugh.

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Authors and Publishers
I adore books, and I’m always falling in love with a new one. Please feel free to contact me about reviews, giveaways, interviews and events. I review graphic novels, young adult, middle grade, fantasy, sci-fi, and children’s fiction regularly, with the occasional foray into travel and food lit in non-fiction.

I do not accept self-published books for review.

Review Policy
I usually buy my books, win them in contests or get them on loan from my local library. If I receive a book for review or giveaway from another source an acknowledgement will be listed at the end of that post. When I review I try to be honest and fair. 

Synopses in review posts are found on Goodreads or publishers’ websites. Links for books lead to Goodreads; I am not an Amazon affiliate and I receive no compensation for links or purchases.

Acceptance of a book for review does not guarantee a review. I will try my hardest (or is that best?) to do so, but life and its vagaries may interrupt. I usually cross-post my reviews to Goodreads and Amazon, and often link them on Twitter and Instagram as well.

Where do the books go? If I can't get to a book for review or am finished with an ARC, I handle it a couple of different ways: picture books and children's chapter books are re-homed with children (friends/family), and graphic novels, young adult, and adult books are added to my classroom library.

Curious about how/if/when I store contact details? I have added a Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.
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