blackberry-mint julep

Thursday, July 14, 2011 |
On Monday morning, I arrived at work to find a large sprig of mint at my workstation. Explanation: my coworkers have caught onto my baking and cooking habit, and now leave offerings at my desk. Strange, wonderful and best of all, true. Of course, I immediately started looking up minty recipes. I remembered I had blackberries in the fridge – and then this little recipe from Martha Stewart popped up on my screen. Perfect.

Blackberry-Mint Julep


1/2 cup packed fresh mint leaves

1 pint blackberries

6 tablespoons sugar

1/2 cup bourbon

4 cups small ice cubes

4 sprigs mint, for garnishing


Roughly chop mint leaves.

Puree the mint, blackberries, and sugar in a blender. Press through a fine sieve into a bowl; discard seeds.

Rinse blender, then return puree to blender, and add bourbon and small ice cubes; blend until smooth. Divide mixture among 4 glasses. Garnish each with a mint sprig. Yields 4 servings.

This recipe isn’t super-sweet, but it’s refreshing and has a great slushy texture. The bourbon keeps it from feeling fruity or girly, but there’s little enough that it goes down smoothly.

[my friend leigh volunteered her time and palette to this experiment]

Recommended for: that hot summer night when you just need to cool down and unwind, impressing the heck out of your friends, even if you don’t know a thing about adult beverage construction, and a tasty and gender-neutral aperitif for any spring and summer gathering.


Tales of Whimsy said...

Hot diggity that looks goooooooood!

Rhiannon Hart said...

By the look on your friend's face you can tell she's loving it! Also, you have the best workmates ever.

Unknown said...

YUM, that looks like it can cool a hard day's work in the summer heat! :)

That is awesome that your co-workers are leaving offerings on your desk in hopes of magic being made in your kitchen :D How fun!

sRy_ said...

I am suddenly thirsty.. ^^

Literary Chanteuse said...

Thanks for the recipe! I have to make it!

Denise Z said...

How wonderful this sounds. My husband brought home a bunch of mint the other day for me from a friend and I have been wracking my brain about what to do with it. I have looked up mint pesto and other things because I don't want it go to waist. Thank you for sharing today.

Ryan said...

Yummy! Sounds perfect with this ridiculous heat we have been having.

Ginny Larsen said...

love it! you might be put to work in my kitchen next week :D

Angela Ackerman said...

Oh man. I have mint in the garden and bourbon in the cabinet. No blackberries, but I do have blueberries and raspberries. Hmmm, a nice mix maybe? I'll give it a try!

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

Cecelia said...

Angela: Let me know how it goes - that sounds delicious!

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