bea bloggers & the fantastic flying books of mr. morris lessmore

As mentioned previously, I’m in New York.  I’m using vacation days from my real job to go to BEA Bloggers and Book Expo America 2012.  Real life friends: if you weren’t convinced before, I AM A NERD.  Okay, done now.

BEA Bloggers was a full day devoted to book blogging.  Book bloggers networked, checked out panels on everything from critical reviewing to monetization, and had a chance to meet favorite authors as well as learn and share their tried-and-true methods for keeping things new, interesting and on the right side of the ethical line.  My favorite panel of the day was one entitled ‘Demystifying the Book Blogger & Publisher Relationship’ – each of the panelists provided great input and the audience appreciated the topic.

On a different note: I got incredibly lucky with my breakfast table and made several new friends (also: was SO HAPPY to find danielle. from My Mercurial Musings sitting right next to me!  ask her about the level of happy.  it was pretty epic).  Best part of the day, by far, was meeting bloggers both new and familiar.  I heart you, wonderful book people!

One of the books in my ‘swag bag’ at BEA Bloggers (yes, this was a thing!) was a charming picture book by William Joyce called The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.  I love a good picture book, though I don’t search them out as often as I should (I have little cousins, but no kids of my own).  This?  Is a special story in a beautiful package, and one I’ll be buying for many years of baby showers and birthdays to come.

the fantastic flying books of mr. morris lessmore by william joyce book coverThe book that inspired the Academy Award–winning short film, from New York Times bestselling author and beloved visionary William Joyce.

Morris Lessmore loved words. 

He loved stories.

He loved books.

But every story has its upsets.

Everything in Morris Lessmore’s life, including his own story, is scattered to the winds.  

But the power of story will save the day. 

Stunningly brought to life by William Joyce, one of the preeminent creators in children’s literature, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore is a modern masterpiece, showing that in today’s world of traditional books, eBooks, and apps, it’s story that we truly celebrate—and this story, no matter how you tell it, begs to be read again and again.

Morris Lessmore is in the habit of writing his daily joys and activities in his own book.  But when his world is turned upside down, things turn dull and confusing.  It takes a special encounter, a flying book and a lady floating through the sky for Morris to find his place among the books. 

cecelia bedelia reading morris lessmore

The story is simple, redeeming, and magical.  The few lines on each page are almost window-dressing for the lovely illustrations.  Those illustrations range from sepia-toned and melancholy to bright, happy and action-filled.  There were a couple of page spreads that were particularly wonderful – including the one here (you can see that I enjoyed this book IMMEDIATELY), with its letters and words super-sized and at odd angles.  It’s about getting lost in books, and should come across as sweet, earnest, and perhaps a bit nostalgic for the average reader.

Recommended for: fans of beautifully illustrated picture books, readers large and small, or old and quite young, and especially anyone who sees a book and knows that enchantment awaits inside.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore will be released on June 19th, 2012 from Atheneum Books for Young Readers (Simon & Schuster).  For more on the film and app that preceded the book, check out the website.


M.A.D. said...

BEA sounds amazing!! Happy for you that you are there and having such an epic time :D

Tales of Whimsy said...

OMG yes. I've been wanting that one ever since I saw the animated short.

fredamans said...

Hope you're having a blast! I'm totally jealous sitting here through Armchair BEA watching you guys but am also living vicariously through you all!

Liviania said...

That looks adorable! I must get a copy for the niece and nephew.

Ryan said...

Hope you are having a great time, and that book looks wonderful.

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

It sounds like you are having such a wonderful time! I didn't realize they'd turned the short film of The Fantastic Flying Books into a book! I've just preordered a copy and I know I'll be buying another for my niece and nephews.

Cecelia said...

M.A.D.: BEA was pretty epic. I loved meeting so many blogging friends (and making new ones!).

fredamans: I heard such great things about Armchair BEA this year! I think it has really grown into its own, and if I can't make it to BEA next year I'll definitely be participating.

Liviania: YES! I'm adding this one to my 'automatic buy' for friends' little ones. So adorable and great for cultivating book lovers.

Ryan: Thank you! And yes, it is a beautiful book.

Melissa: I know, I didn't realize they'd made it into a book, either! But it totally makes sense, since it's all about... books! Yay!

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