10 things to warm a bookworm’s heart

Friday, April 29, 2016 |
It’s a gray, rainy day here in D.C., and though that reminds me of my hometown (Seattle!), it also feels dreary after a few beautiful spring days last week.  When I feel my mood plummeting, I try to think of good things, favorite things (like Julie Andrews sang about in The Sound of Music!)(yes, I’m a Pollyanna)(sometimes)(and I'm okay with that).  I missed the official Top Ten Tuesday for this topic, but I thought my list was worth sharing anyway.  So, here are the top 10 things that warm my bookworm heart, created with help from my sister Virginia and friend Melissa.

1. Sunny spot in a coffee shop
2. Gift cards to book stores
3. Book-themed t-shirts, socks, coasters, etc.
4. Seeing strangers reading a book I love “out in the wild”
5. Book club (and book club friends)
6. Library hold shelf – if you don’t feel like browsing or interacting with anyone, you can still borrow books!
7. New book smell
8. A whole day set aside for reading
9. Favorite reading spot on the couch or in bed, with mandatory fuzzy blanket
10. Hot Dudes Reading Instagram account… self-explanatory

What are some things that warm your book-loving heart?


Jenny @ Reading the End said...

Oh, seeing people in the wild reading books I love is the greatest thing. I try to be cool about it and not bother them, but sometimes the love in my heart is too great and I have to be like "yo that's a super good book, I hope you're enjoying it" and then return quickly to my own book so they won't think I'm a creeper. ONLY VERY OCCASIONALLY do I do this. Like if they are reading a Mary Renault book or Diana Wynne Jones or something.

Briana @ Pages Unbound said...

Ooh, fun post! I LOVE gift cards for books! I wish I got more. For someone reason people seem to have slowed down giving them to me for holidays. They seem to think I want to buy clothes or something. :(

Anonymous said...

I forgot about Hot Guys Reading! Now that I'm on instagram again I definitely need to follow. Love this post <3 My number 11: Seeing bookish friends next week at BEA!

Cat said...

I love this list so much! I personally also have an interest in making my own bookmarks. I love to sketch and doodle and write quotes using different fonts, and I already started cutting up a whole bunch of them into a bookmark shape. Once they're finished, I think they will make great gifts for my book loving friends and family members!

Liviania said...

I love library holds, especially for upcoming books! Takes out so much stress when you know the books is waiting for you.

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