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Thursday, May 7, 2009 |

My latest foray into the world of Netflix was Dear Frankie, a Scottish film starring Emily Mortimer, Gerard Butler, and a young Jack McElhone.  Wonder of wonders, I finished it in one sitting.  I did pause it a couple of times, but for the most part it was straight through to the end.  Departure from my normal viewing habits aside, it was a poignant, sweet and heart-rending film.  Five out of five stars.  Go rent it.  Watch it.  Cry a little bit. 

McElhone stars as 9 year-old Frankie,  a deaf boy who loves fish, and hates that his mother is constantly moving their small family around.  Mortimer plays as the mother, who has told her son for years that his father is aboard the ship Accra, and writes him letters from this fictitious boat.  When the real Accra docks in their town, she must find a solution (and fast!).   I won’t say any more about the plot, but the trust me: this endearing film deals masterfully with the ethics of love, second chances, family dynamics and the day-to-day wonders and experiences that make up childhood. 

But a recommendation from someone whose movie taste you don’t know intimately is sometimes a bit dodgy, yes?  Other people thought this was a great film too.  As proof…it did very well on the smaller film festival circuit, and the director was nominated for a BAFTA (British version of the Oscars).  Further information at I found this film via the last one I talked about, Les Choristes.  Dear Frankie was one of the previews before that film, and the trailer looked good enough for me to move it up my queue.  Now I’m glad I did, and I preach the loveliness of the movie to you!  I find that I’m more likely to trust the people who put trailers in front of movies (the thought being if you like the movie you’re about to see, you’ll probably enjoy X movie as well) than Netflix in general.  Not that the algorithms they come up with are to blame, but I’ve historically had more success with my method.  In any case, that’s enough about films.

In conclusion, a quotation posted in my academic advisor’s office:





Emily Kreps said...

I also heartily recommend Dear Frankie. I've now seen it multiple times and I still love it. And Gerard Butler is pretty darn hot too.

Ginny Larsen said...

again, you're funny, and i love reading about your life seeing as you fail to update me about other things.

even though i try to keep you in the loop with everything.

TOTALLY just kidding.

you're a good communicator, and if anything, it's me who's to blame because i don't have time or can't multitask while crafting or driving, or whatever. speaking of, i'm going to be at a party tomorrow night, so if you wanted a call, i'm sorry but i'll probably disappoint.

love you tons, dude!

tomorrow's friday :D

Unknown said...

I like that movie as well.

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