contest winners and hilarious insight

The Book Extravaganza that Kristen of Bookworming in the 21st Century and Kate of The Neverending Shelf put together was a resounding success. At least on my end. Wait, did I actually go enter any other contests? Nope. BUT! I had a lot of new and wonderful visitors, crazy blog traffic, and a couple of my most successful contests ever. Thanks to all who participated!

And now, the part you’ve all been waiting for…

The winner of Holly Black’s magical con masterpiece White Cat, plus a bit of swag, is:

Ella Press of The Clock Monkey

Ella wrote, “Watching the latest HP [Harry Potter] trailer makes me smile. It also makes me kinda sad, to know that it’ll be over soon.”

And the winners of Jessica Day George’s fairy-tale type tale Princess of Glass are:

Cass of Words on Paper and Jenny N. of Dreaming of Books

Cass opined, “Who WOULDN’T want a fairy godmother? Do want!” While Jenny N. said, “Of course I’d like a fairy god mother. She’d be very handy to have around.”

In addition, my other contest (for SteamBoyz Week) also ended. The winner of a signed ARC copy of Matthew Kirby’s The Clockwork Three, plus a YA steampunk book from the list of choices is:

fredamans of Freda's Voice

fredamans answered the question, “What is the essential steampunk accessory?” with “Most definitely could not leave the house without my Steampunk Watch Gadget!”

Congrats, winners! Happy reading! Everyone: be on the lookout for more contests soon (yes, it’s an addiction. but it’s not a PROBLEM. i swear.)!


Oh, you were waiting for the hilarious insight bit? I guess I’ll let you have it. This is SO ME. All my friends agree. Not sure if that’s depressing or hilarious, but the blog post almost made me wet my pants I was laughing so hard…


sRy_ said...

congrats to the winners :)

Ella Preuss said...

Congrats to the other winners!

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