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Tuesday, December 10, 2013 |
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top ten tuesday

Now and again I'll participate in a book blogging survey that aims to pinpoint changes in reading habits and blogger behavior.  One change I've noticed in my own reading is that I choose to read newer books now than I did before I began blogging.  It makes sense - they're the ones being hyped all over the place, getting a marketing push from publishers, and showing up on my doorstep in ARC form.  All that said, I miss the backlist reading.  Where did the wonder of an old discovery on a used bookstore shelf go?  What about recommendations?  I hardly heed them anymore in my haste to read the newest thing out there.  It's past time I picked up those books I've had on the shelf forever.  
I'm excited to be taking part in Long Awaited Reads month in January, hosted by Ana at things mean a lot and Iris at Iris on Books.  I've picked out ten books that have been on my shelf for a while, that I keep meaning to get to... but never do.  These backlist titles comprise my winter TBR pile.  It's going to be a wonderful January!

1. Jenna Starborn by Sharon Shinn – Sharon Shinn writes really beautiful, deep romances that get under your skin.  This is her retelling of Jane Eyre.  I get shivery just thinking about that combination!

2. Beauty by Sheri S. Tepper – A sci-fi fairy tale retelling (MY KIND OF BOOK!) and a fellow blogger recommended it.  Well, yes.

3. Deep Secret by Diana Wynne Jones – My favorite Diana Wynne Jones book for a very long time was The Merlin Conspiracy, and I didn't even realize it was the second in the Magids duology.  This is the first, and it's about time I got around to reading it, don't you think?!

4. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern – It's practically a miracle that I haven't been spoiled for this book already - it got lots of attention a couple of years ago!  All I know is that there's a circus, a character named Celia, and that my brother got me a hardcover for Christmas.  I really do want to read it, and 2014 is going to be the year I do!

5. Sorcery & Cecelia: or, The Enchanted Chocolate Pot by Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevermer – Speaking of book characters with my first name... I've tried picking this book up more than once, and was never quite in the right mood.  I think a quiet January Saturday would be perfect.  Hopefully one cold enough to need a cup of hot chocolate.

6. Dragonhaven by Robin McKinley – Is this the only McKinley novel I haven't read?  Why yes, it is.  I have it in hardcover and everything.  Silly me.

7. A Tale of Time City by Diana Wynne Jones – It's not cheating to put down two DWJ books.  It's NOT!  I'm just behind.  And this is on my shelf, all ready for a read.

8. Eon by Allison Goodman – Erm, another fellow blogger recommendation that I dragged my feet on.  I'm such a slowpoke! 

9. Enna Burning by Shannon Hale – Loved The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale, and can't imagine why I haven't read this one yet.  Oh wait, I know.  I'm crazy.

10. Across the Universe by Beth Revis – I go on and on about young adult sci-fi, and I still haven't read this one, even though I've owned it since its release date.   Okay, good.  January 2014 is going to be a great month!

What books are on your reading list this winter?


KevinReads said...

I'd love to read a Tale of Time City, Eon seems awesome too.
Across the Universe I own as well as the Night Circus!
Great List :)

Ula said...

Night Circus has been on my TBR for ages, must get on that soon. And Eon, too, looks so so cool!
Happy reading!

Kimmy said...

What a good idea to make a list of books already out/on your shelf! I should definitely do this too!

Miss Print said...

I approve of this list. I haven't read the first Magids book either--it's surprisingly hard to find in my library. I hope you make it through Sorcery and Cecelia this time around because it's one of my favorites! So many of these are also on my TBR list. Too many books too little time!

Tales of Whimsy said...

I've always been curious about Sorcery & Cecelia.

I reallly dug Across the Universe. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I am with you on paying attention to the oldies but goodies languishing on shelves in favor of the new! Here's to clearing the shelves in 2014! Thanks for stopping by my TTT.

Anna said...

Oh yeah The Night Circus! What a gorgeous book! Hope you enjoy!

Elizabeth said...

I love knowing McKinley fans! They make my life complete :) I didn't like the other books in the Books of Bayern series quite as much, but any book by Hale is at worst a pretty good read regardless. And I haven't heard of Beauty but any fairy tale retelling is totally up my alley, and sci-fi is always such an interesting way to do fairy tales!

Leslie @ This is the Refrain said...

Reading The Night Circus was like coming home for me. I couldn't believe it took me so long to read it, but when I finally did it was perfect. I hope you love it!

danya said...

Yay for overlooked backlist titles! They need some love too :) I can totally recommend Sorcery & Cecelia, one of my all-time favourite light fantasy reads, full of memorable characters and Regency charm and all that good stuff. Would go perfectly with a mug of hot chocolate :D

Unknown said...

Across the Universe was an optional book to read as a part of a YA writing course that I took in college. I never got around to it, despite it having THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COVER I HAVE EVER SEEN. Recently, a friend from the above mentioned YA class got around to reading the entire series and says it's really fantastic, so I need to get around to this one soon, too!

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