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Saturday, April 25, 2009 |

The weather has been amazing in Atlanta the couple of days (could it stay sunny and warm forever?), and it inspires ‘outdoor activities.’  Unfortunately, I’m busy with end of semester projects, and can’t take advantage of it, so I made myself a list last night.

Things to do on an absolutely gorgeous day:

-       walk around the Highlands and check the progress of the flowering trees, climbing roses, pansies, tulips, azaleas, etc.

-       head over to Belly, the up-scale, rustic-chic neighborhood deli and order a sea salt bagel with avocado and sparkling apple juice

-       read one book from the growing ‘To Read’ pile (in the sun, of course)

-       sunbathe on Jo’s porch and play with her dog Kona

-       clean the pollen-covered lawn furniture and bike on the porch

-       fix sweet sun tea and bake chocolate mini-cupcakes with lemon frosting

Things I’ve done instead:

-       gone grocery shopping at Kroger and Whole Foods

-       eaten fried chicken and Doritos, washed down with beer

-       caught up on email

-       watched an episode of Cash Cab

-       updated the blog and listened to Melli run her wheel ragged

-       broke down and wore shorts (it’s 85°F, after all!)

-       had Tartufo, Chocoloate and Cheesecake gelato at Paolo’s

What I WILL get around to today or tomorrow:

-       cupcake baking and frosting

-       the latest Netflix movie

-       lots of WORK

-       listening to the Sounders FC soccer game

-       AND doing all of the random errands that accrue at the end of any given week

Finally, for your blog reading enjoyment, links to a couple of my favorites:  Neil Gaiman’s blog, The Daily Coyote, Robin McKinley’s blog, The Clothes Horse, Do You Really Want To Know?, and the Occidental Idiot.

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Aporia said...

Hey, the cupcakes I got from you yesterday provided my breakfast today. Thanks again!

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