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Sunday, September 13, 2009 |

Alas, I never got to use that excuse as a youngster. I was the oldest. The responsible one. The one supposedly behind any and all infractions. Other kids used that phrase and meant that I was the she. Okay, so maybe a couple of times I was. Not every time, though. Just wanted to get that straight (and public). This time, my talented sister Ginny was the culprit.

She had an evil plan all laid out. Thursday night she took me along on an evening errands/shopping trip. Except I didn’t know we were going to go to the craft store. You may know what I mean when I say that after entering the store, I stumbled around in a sort of daze. Those places are dangerous! First of all, you could get lost. Easily. Second of all, they’re so…PRETTY! I mean, gosh! Christmas decorations all beautifully arranged in mid-September, and just waiting for shoppers to snap them up and deck the halls. I had to keep pinching myself (or knocking over delicate displays, which is my clumsy-self equivalent) and repeating “it’s only SEPTEMBER!” in my head continuously in order to keep my hands to myself and away from the items.

So my devious sister went around stocking up on card-making things, which take pretty and fascinating to a new level. I mean, glittered/glossy paper! Punches! Ribbons and buttons and stickers, oh my! I am a sucker. This is why I can never get involved in the card-making world…my eyes would get huge, my wallet would get even smaller than it already is, and I would have another time-sucking hobby. That said, I kept picking things up and pining and generally made a nuisance of myself. Ginny was good about it, but then, it was only the first stage of her PLAN.

Said plan involved me actually stamping and card-making. I mean deluxe, Ginny-style card-making, of course. I’m rather good with scissors and over the years have made a couple funny and ridiculous amateur cards by cutting up magazines and pasting little bits and pieces together. I like that sort of thing. It’s about my limit. Or so I thought. But last night Ginny and Paulina (her marvelous, stylish friend who also goes by Pretty Pink Posh) ganged up on me after dinner and MADE me take part in their stamping fun. I mean, really…with glitter and ribbons and all sorts of other delights spread out in front of me, it was pretty hard not to. Fun version of a girls’ night in, I say. I didn’t have to paint my toes a detestable color or eat anything cheesy, but still got to make something pretty, watch a swoon-worthy movie (Meet Joe Black – young Brad Pitt!), and chat about life and guys and the week.

I’d say that I’m beyond pleased and want to do it again soon…but that would encourage them too much. Besides, I don’t need a new hobby…do I? Fun, quiet Friday night, though. Thanks, girls!


Ginny Larsen said...

haha, you make me sound so nefarious, and i kind of like it :D

i really didn't have a plan, but thanks for thinking i had the brain power to do something like this after my first week of teaching!

you're too funny, and i LOVE your cards. they're beautful. but maybe i should have edited them without the little fuzzy border? what do you think? xoxo!

Paulina said...

Cecelia, you did a FAB job on your first two cards! I'm glad that we "made" you stamp- it was fun to have you there! :)

Lizzy said...

Those are awesome! I'm completely incompetent at anything involving I'm a little jealous

Leah l'Orange said...

okay, seriously C, these are so cute! and coming from a cardmaking fiend who has friends who aren't so into it, believe me when i say they will absolutely enable you whenever you feel the urge! you don't have to get all gung-ho and start stocking up on cardmaking items, just mooch off them - they'll love it!

i like to play the enabler myself, and had my best friend, a 38-year-old gothed out bald dude, making cards with me when he last visited. AND he did great!

Melissa (My words and pages) said...


If you have time to stop by, I have an award for you...

vvb32 reads said...

ooo, sounds like a good time had despite the frou frou. i could definitely get into this kind of craftmaking.

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