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Tuesday, November 17, 2009 |

It’s November in the Seattle area. I’m in a place and a climate I haven’t had intimate contact with for seven years. It’s been interesting getting reacquainted. May I present:

A List of THINGS About My Life Now (and Surroundings)

- The ten-day weather forecast calls for rain. And some wind. But mostly just rain. This is not a surprise, or a rant. Just…resignation.

- I’ve discovered that you can cover a multitude of interpreting mistakes with a big smile. And apologies. But if your voice dies mid-appointment, you’re screwed.

- Moving back to the land of Starbucks has been amazing. Also, wallet-lightening.

- I got my sister to acknowledge that not all anime is terrible. On the strength of one film – Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. Hayao Miyazaki, you rock my knee-high socks off.

- Oh yes. I wear knee-high socks at all times now. Even and especially in bed. It is necessary, or else the cold air sprites might steal my precious body heat. And those things swarm like you wouldn’t believe. The sprites, not the socks.

- Long commute + no radio = lots of weird thoughts. I found myself musing about the exact quality of light created by streetlamps, brake lights and rainwater spraying up from the roadway. Told you it was weird.

- With said commute, job, NaNoWriMo, blog, random party I’m hosting on Friday (yes, THIS Friday) and something vaguely reminiscent of a social life, I have almost no time for reading.

- Being sick creates reading opportunities. I got a cold over the weekend. I only get sick when I move someplace chilly. I swear! (I also read 9 books!)

- While chilly, rainy weather is perfect for curling up in a chair and reading, it is impractical to read all day, EVERY DAY, which is how often it is rainy and chilly in Seattle in November. Oh wait…did I mention that already?

- I had amazing Thai food last Thursday. Also, a proper 6-ounce cappuccino at 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea while listening to Cherie Priest read a chapter out of Boneshaker. Can we say culinary delight?

- My three least-favorite toppings on salad: sunflower seeds, mushrooms, bleu cheese.

- There’s cherry pie on the counter. I must go…


Ryan said...

Great post. I've lived in both Washington and Oregon, I'm not sure I miss the days and days of rain. I'm jelous of the Thai food but will take rhubarb pie over cherry. :-)

Zia said...

Haha ah the joys of the Pacific Northwest. This coming from a fellow one. I am jealous of the Boneshaker reading. I wished I lived closer so I could've gone.

kayerj said...

actually, it all sounds kind of cozy

Carrie K. said...

I moved to Eastern Washington from the west side 12 years ago - your post made me miss Seattle. :)

vvb32 reads said...

alas, knee high socks don't like me. they always fall down on the job. ankle socks are my speed. hope you're feeling better. chilly is great reading weather. lookin forward to the boneshaker review.

She said...

UGH RAIN. We just got out of our Nor'easter rain slump. Good thing too-- I was about to go stir crazy!

MMM sunflower seed and bleu cheese!

Anonymous said...

I remember watching Nausicaa! Such a powerful movie.

Oh yes, the one perk of being sick is being able to snuggle up and read... only if you aren't being violently ill that is.

Great post! I so love the rain in Seattle. It's a nice break from blinding sun everyday. :D

Lisa said...

That very first observation is the sole reason I could never live in the Seattle area despite it's incredible beauty. I get depressed here knowing it's going to rain for a few days. And we have way more sunny days than not so I know it will never last for long.

J.T. Oldfield said...

See, I don't mind the rain so much just because it's not snow.

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