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Tuesday, August 23, 2011 |
It's Teaser Tuesday, a bookish blog meme hosted every week by MizB of Should Be Reading. Here's how it works:

Grab your current read and let it fall open to a random page (or if you're reading on an electronic device, pick a random number and scroll to that section). Post two or more sentences from that page, along with the book title and author. Share your find with others in the comments at Should Be Reading, and don't give anything vital away!

“‘I’ll totally beat you if you tell anyone this, but sometimes I actually think that part might be a tiny bit fun. You know, moving into a bizarro new house, having a bizarro new baby brother to torture – ’”

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Sonia Lal said...

That's kind of funny. LOL

Mine: http://storytreasury.wordpress.com/2011/08/22/teaser-tuesday-blood-rock/

Anonymous said...

LOL. Well, I've got the bizzaro house anyway.

Great teaser. My teaser is here

Kyanara_BJD said...

What a wonderfull teaser!

Have a great tuesday!

Harvee said...

I hope he/she was only joking in that teaser! Here's My tease

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

That is a fun teaser! Thanks for tempting me to add this book to my list.


Tales of Whimsy said...

That was just weird enough to really grab my attention. Great teaser.

Jac @ ForLoveandBooks said...

This looks like a really fun book. Thanks for a great teaser :)

MeikkiBeibi said...

Heh! That's bit devious. ;)

My Teaser @ For The Love of Reading!

Anonymous said...

Good and interesting teaser.

here's mine.


Anya Millar said...

Nice tease. But, isn't that what brothers are for? ... to torture? lol

House Millar - TT


Sally said...

Great teaser. I have this one on my wishlist.

Sullivan McPig said...

What a bizarro teaser ;-)

Lisa @ Lost in Literature said...

Hehe that's cute. This sounds like a great book! Enjoy! :)

My Teaser Tuesday

Cat said...

Ha! I am constantly "teasing" myself when I go book shop ... I always make my final choice based on a random paragraph read :)

♥ Cat brideblu

JessiM said...

That's a great teaser! It really makes me want to check out the book. :-)

Rebekka Seale said...

I want to read it now too!

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