Sunday, July 5, 2009 |
What is curious and cute and gray all over? Mellicent. My furry companion never tires of going over the same territory and finding a new way to climb over, through or under. To accompany the photo, a few things that we have in common:

- Ability to happily live on a diet of blueberries, cheerios and dark chocolate.

- Nesting and hibernating are acceptable activities.

- Book love (although to be honest, Melli only uses the bookshelves as a jungle gym).

- Appreciation of the air conditioner. I just like not dying of heat. She loves the breeze and always looks rapturous when nearby.

- We make mistakes and fall down a lot. Me in life and grad school and crashing my scooter, she in falling off the coffee table (it’s a little like falling off the edge of the world…the floor is a dangerous place).


Ginny Larsen said...

LOL. i can totally see her falling off the coffee table. you are too funny.

and the air conditioner is probably her way of sticking her head out the window... except INSIDE. :D


Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

She survived falling off the coffee table? That is quite a tough rodent.

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