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Monday, July 13, 2009 |
I follow Starbucks on Twitter [@Starbucks], and they just posted a link to this hilarious video (which Steph kindly pointed out is from laugh-out-loud-funny film Best in Show):

Which then reminded me of the awesome website about Stuff White People Like. It's a satirical and ironic look at the self-conscious 'white' culture, and how to interact and deal with it to the best effect. You can take it as either funny or sad that most (okay, all!) of the things posted are true. I could name names...

And if you needed even MORE random in your life, apparently I am a watersprite. Yup. 93%. Not kidding.

What Other are you?
Your Result: Watersprite

You are a watersprite! You inhabit ponds and rivers, have webbed fingers and toes, and generally lead an aquatic life. You go by many names in different countries: Nix in Germany, Neck in England, Morgen in Wales, and of course the famous Siren of Greece. In OTHER, a watersprite family lived secretly in the river near Klikamuks.

What Other are you?
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Steph Bowe said...

that's from the movie Best In Show!
Love it :-)

Cecelia said...

you are right! argh, sorry i didn't catch that first! thanks for the tip...i was wondering who i knew these people from...just assumed it was a television skit i'd seen once or something. +10 points to steph.

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Oh, I'm a pooka (I just took the test, very fun). So I'm a mischievous shapeshifting spirit and can turn into an animal I want. :)

Ginny Larsen said...

haha, i remember watching that movie at Uncle Michael's... sooo weird, but funny :D

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